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How to Overcome Failure in 5 Ways

Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently. - Henry Ford.

Gloria was sensing gloom all over. Her attempt to launch a new product idea had not quite taken off as expected. Her mind constantly pulled her down. While reminding her of the successful days in a full-time job, Gloria’s mind was a perfect example of how it could play tricks. The mind constantly belittled her and whined about what she had left behind. After tasting failure, Gloria was stuck in a position most people who have failed would identify with. The eerie feel of failure was all around. All she could see was locked doors.

Seek feedback from yourself to notice the difference.

Everybody faces failure. Not everybody embraces it like a boss to wipe their slate clean and begin again. The difference between successful people and those who constantly dwell in their ‘failure stories’ is merely the attitude of owning up their mistakes and bouncing back from failure.

Are you wondering how to deal with failure? We’ll tell you how coping with failure is actually possible.

Matrrix Shares how to Overcome Failure in 5 Ways

1) Connect it with Learning

We know you’ve failed. A dozen times. Maybe more. Once you’ve given yourself the required time to feel the sadness, you now have to look ahead. Ask yourself, “How can I connect this lesson of failure to a learning experience?” “What can I do differently to move away from this negative zone?”
You can embrace failure by learning to see the positive sides of this lesson you’ve learned. Here, you must bring the focus on learning from the experience.

  • What could you have done differently?
  • Is this failure repeated? How can you bring about a change in the strategy? A simple change in the strategy can give you the opportunity to find a new result. Yes, the fear of change will always be there. Remember, fear is only there to hold you back. You can choose to let go and embark on a different path for success.

2) Seek Feedback

What does your failure story tell you? You need to move away from looking at the number of times you’ve failed. ‘There is no failure, only feedback ’ is one of the presuppositions of NLP. Here, you need to observe what you think about and the intentions that have given you this result. We often assume and interpret things to reach to a conclusion easily. When you’ve failed, the natural tendency would be to label yourself as a failure. Here, you need to focus on observation without mixing it up with an interpretation.

  • Is there any resistance to make a change?
  • How are you perceiving learning v/s failure?
  • You are allowed to make a couple of mistakes. Where is your focus right now?

If you are making the same mistakes again and again, it is time to change your thought patterns. Seek feedback from yourself to notice the difference.

3) Work on your Attitude and Emotions

Failure brings with it fears about everything in life. This hampers your decision-making skills. What are the common emotions you’ve felt for this phase? (Is it constant shame or guilt?) Have you spent too much time in the depths of despair? Have you noticed the things that have gone right?
It’s easy to look at a gloomy picture and wallow in self-pity. What matters here is the need to work on other plans to make your dream a reality. An optimistic attitude combined with the right emotional approach brings the focus back where it should belong - chasing your goals. Appreciate the small victories. Work on your emotions, and reactions. Change the feelings of shame and guilt to peace, happiness, and acceptance. The sooner you accept your mistakes, the easier it will be to overcome your situation.

4) Choose to Grow

Coaching is one of the strongest methods to change thought patterns and bring you closer to success

The grass is greener where you water it. If you choose to look away from the sunlight, you’ll always find yourself in darkness. It’s important to seek growth from this painful lesson you’ve learned. Yes, there is a learning lesson here and you can find many different ways to resolve the problem. You cannot control the results but what you can control is your reaction to the situation. Choose to grow and new paths will unfold.

5) Make this a New Beginning

Failure is often viewed as an end to one’s dream. Of course, failure is that uncomfortable feeling that we tend to shrink away from every time we see ourselves in the mirror. You can choose to feel differently, however, and be curious about going beyond the obvious. This is not the end. It is a stepping stone towards a new beginning. You may find yourself on a new career path or even a new idea. Once you change your perspective towards things, everything else changes around you.

Coaching is one of the strongest methods to change thought patterns and bring you closer to success. Coaching reprograms the mind making it focus on what’s possible and gives you the chance to design your life by coping with failure. Matrrix coaches individuals and offers certification programs for professionals looking to inspire others to find their purpose. So, what do you choose? Failure or recovering from failure? Add your comments below.