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Matrrix offers coach certification programs under the leadership of Dr. Paras, an ICF and EMCC certified coach, a recipient of the ICF ‘Young Leader Award’, 2018 and EMCC Global Coach of the year 2019-20. With numerous awards to his credit, Dr. Paras has been instrumental in bringing a wave of change in the lives of people. Innumerable students have already completed the coach training programs from Matrrix, and have embarked on a successful career in coaching.

Matrrix brings a fine amalgamation of Psychology, Philosophy, Spirituality and Sociology in their programs. Matrrix has been successfully running coaching sessions in Mumbai, and Pune, as well as virtual training for the global market.

About ICF

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is a not-for-profit organization for professional coaching sessions. They follow professional standards of coach certification programs and offer independent sessions and certification worldwide. They are the leading name for professional coaching and offer the following three ICF credentials -

  • ACC
  • PCC
  • MCC

The ICF credentials represent a strong ethical code followed the world over for professional coaching. This organization is also known for following the highest standards of professional coaching programs by helping aspiring coaches develop the right attitude and approach to this highly exciting career.

Why ICF Credentials?

ICF accredited coach training programs have gone through a rigorous process that firmly displays the curriculum is aligned with the high standards and definitions as set by ICF. The courses also follow the core competencies and the code of ethics of ICF. When you choose ICF accredited coach training programs, you know you have chosen the best for yourself. These standards and ICF Code of Ethics are applicable to all ICF members and credential-holders.

Here’s why you need to opt for the ICF accredited coach training program.

  1. Programs that follow the codes as set by ICF truly empower you to bring a transformation in your own personality. It not only shapes you into an outstanding life coach, but you also develop an optimistic approach towards life bringing a wave of change everywhere.
  2. You display the right attitude and develop the appropriate skills that portray you as the best in the industry.
  3. The combination of your skills and ICF credentials lend an authentic touch to your career by enhancing your credibility leading to more exposure.
  4. You are placed among top-notch professionals from the field giving you the chance to network and learn while expanding your circle with every interaction.
  5. Your clients feel secure to approach you as the credentials are in place.
  6. You automatically attract higher ROI (Return on Investment) by investing in ICF accredited coaching programs. You gain trust and attract more clients and create credibility.


The Matrrix coaching programs follow all the core competencies and the code of ethics as set by the ICF. These Coach Training Programs are most suitable for people aiming to be life coaches, business coaches, executive coaches, and more. Business leaders, and professionals looking to add up to their skills are most welcome to apply. Read more information by downloading our brochure now.

Coach Training

Who Should opt for Coach Training Programs
The Matrrix ICF coach training programs are authentic programs designed to give you the highest levels of professional coaching sessions.

If you are thinking of how to become a life, executive, Leadership, business, Wellness, Spiritual certified coach, your goals must include the 3 main factors mentioned below -

  1. You must be passionate to help clients find solutions.
  2. You must be ready to develop the right skills to begin your coaching career.
  3. You must be willing to discover other areas of your own personality to offer more to your future clients.

The Matrrix professional coach certification programs are suitable for -

  • Aspiring Life, Executive and Leadership coaches or those professionals looking to add to their existing skills.
  • Every business leader, Human Resources and line managers looking to develop the right attitude towards problem-solving and scale their business.
  • All self-employed people such as trainers, counsellors, and consultants.
  • Professionals aspiring for every leadership position looking to develop the right perspective to lead business, teams, and organizations towards success.

ICF - ACTP Program:

ICF Credential & Pre-requisites ACC PCC MCC
Face to Face or Virtual Learning 60 125 200
Mentoring 10 10 10
Recordings to be submitted to ICF Assessor 1 2 (ACSTH route)
Na (ACTP route)
Client Coaching Hours 100 500 2500


Our blended approach of Psychology, Philosophy, Spirituality and Sociology and flexible online program delivery make Matrrix a perfect training partner for coaches around the globe. Here’s what else sets us apart -

  • Integrated approach using Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Mindfulness, Buddhism, Emotional Intelligence, REBT, CBT, Transactional Analysis, Positive Psychology, Jungian Archetypes, and Yogic meditation.
  • A blend of psychology, management science and spirituality to create awareness for leadership.
  • We incorporate Mindfulness, neurological, somatic, and energy-based techniques and experiential learning in the classroom.
  • Support through monthly learner webinars as well as with supervision, mentorship and group coaching/Team coaching webinars.
  • Emphasis on coaching practice – at least one learner-recorded transcribed coaching conversations with mentored feedback for every 30 hours of classroom training, with evaluation every 60 hours.
  • Focus on mastery level competencies from the start.
  • MCC-certified coaches provide mentoring.
  • Internet-based training available for full duration of all our programs.
  • Access to coaching engagements globally.
  • Support on post credential assignment.
  • We cover all aspects of coaching: Business of coaching – how to be successful.
  • Theory of coaching – Western and Eastern of Psychology and, Philosophy, and multidisciplinary tools drawing from psychology, education, business.
  • Mastery of coaching – how to apply all that you learn at the highest level of coaching practice.


Dr. Paras has devised exclusive coach supervision and mentoring programs aimed to help all professionals sharpen their skills in the field of life coaching.

A) Coach Supervision
Matrrix offers coach supervision programs wherein the coach (supervisee) engages a coach supervisor) from Matrrix with an aim to develop one’s coaching skills and practice. Dr. Paras uses the Seven-Eyed Model that offers a broad perspective on one’s feelings, approaches, interactions, supervisory relationships, beliefs and much more. All coach sessions are conducted in person as well as through exclusive webinars and training sessions. Matrrix also partners with corporates who require coach supervision on a regular basis for all internal coaches. By opting for the Matrrix internal coach supervision program, corporates are rest assured of a regular monitoring of their coaches by ensuring they receive the latest training methodologies and techniques to upgrade their skills. Coach supervision is a must for companies looking to scale their business higher with a strong workforce that is motivated at every level. With coach supervision, internal coaches are given the opportunity to sharpen the saw with world class supervision by Matrrix.
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B) Mentor Coaching
Dr. Paras also offers 10 hours of mentor coaching for individuals looking to develop the 8 core competencies as specified by the ICF (International Coaching Federation). Dr. Paras works closely with aspiring coaching professionals who are applying for the ACC/PCC/MCC credentials at ICF. This is recommended for professionals wanting to develop a better understanding of the core competencies to excel in their coaching profession. The core aim of mentor coaching is to further leverage a coach’s skills and capabilities by following the standards set by ICF.
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