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Dr. Paras, a life leadership coach and recipient of the ICF ‘Young Leader Award’, 2018 spearheads all life and leadership development training programs conducted by Matrrix.

What is Life Coaching?

This is not to be confused with counseling or therapy. A Life Coach is one who partners with you to realize your dreams. Coach Dr. Paras partners with you to choose the best path and overcome obstacles. He also lends his expertise to make you recognize that the power to run your life lies with you. As the founder of Matrrix, Coach Dr. Paras offers you the chance to begin this transformation process through his leadership training programs and life coaching sessions.

You need a life coach if -

  • You are unable to create a vision.
  • You are unable to move on to the next level and often feel stuck either at work, marriage, love, divorce, and more.
  • You hold self-limiting beliefs and have trouble to achieve your highest potential.
  • You are confused about your goals.
  • You do not have a sound plan.
  • You want to take your life to the next level.

We offer professional coaching for:

  • Career (Selection, migration to a new role, performance, etc.)
  • Personal Relationships (Marital, divorce, mindfulness, pre-marriage issues, etc.)
  • Health (Physical fitness, emotional issues, focus on diet, lifestyle changes, etc.)
  • Finance (Goal planning, retirement, life planning, debt management, etc.)
  • Social Awareness (Public speaking, personality development, Image management, communication skills, etc.)

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