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Are you stuck in a constant loop of leadership monotony where you don't know how to close a skill gap or improve your existing skillset? Well, Executive Coaching is the answer for you.

With Dr. Paras, not only do you identify your goals, but you also define them and work with a systemic approach that will eventually transform your work, leadership and organizational performance. Coach Dr. Paras is a leadership coach and the recipient of the ICF "Young Leader Award'' 2018 and spearheads executive coaching programs in USA.

But, why Executive Coaching now?

Why not?

Today's businesses are growing and evolving at an extremely rapid rate, even with the ongoing disruptions, tailbacks and economic turmoil. In order to stay on top of your game as a leader, you need to have access to tangible and lucrative resources that drive sustainable changes to your leadership skills. Instead of just wearing a hat of leadership, add more feathers to the hat.

Executive leadership taps right into that. Dr. Paras works as a support, guide and mentor who is here to help you identify your true potential, cultivate resilience and work on your interpersonal skills. With all the right balls in the pocket, you can scale your leadership credibility while keeping your stress at bay.

You can consider availing for Executive Coaching Programs in USA with Dr. Paras if you are looking for:

  • Career transition
  • Interpersonal relationship management
  • External relationship management
  • Performance management
  • Improving communication skills
  • Career management
  • Leadership team effectiveness
  • Corporate presence
  • Strategic thinking
  • Team management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Managing Team
  • Managing Change

What is Executive Coaching?

Let’s say that you have almost everything you want in your career. You have a well-paying job, a respectful designation in a company and complete autonomy to help your team prosper under your guidance.

But, you aren’t able to do that effectively. Your team members are either expressing a lack of work satisfaction or you are experiencing a very low employee retention rate. None of the two attributes to your amazing leadership skills.

Executive coaching mends that bridge. The primary objective of executive coaching is to follow a conscious process to nurture and develop the talent and competencies of an individual so they can work in better harmony with the team members.

It typically involves getting tailored guidance and support from an experienced and certified executive coach to become a more effective leader. It enables leaders (and individuals) to leverage their personal and unexplored leadership skills to achieve the envisioned goals.

Who needs an Executive Coaching Service?

Many people have this notion that executive coaching is just limited to the senior executives or the hierarchy in a company. The need for a certified leadership coach is often subjective and aligned to the personal vision that an individual has from their lives.

Everyone has complete autonomy and flexibility to rediscover who they are as a person and a leader in a company. Wanting to upscale one’s skills, draw a clear vision and support growth within the organization calls for executive coaching services.

That being said, pick up a pen and paper and answer yes or no to the following questions.

  • Are you having a hard time creating a vision concerning your leadership journey?
  • Do you feel stuck in your career and find no constructive way to avail a promotion?
  • Do you have self-limiting beliefs?
  • Do you face hardships achieving your highest potential?
  • Are you confused about your goals in life?
  • Do you not have a sound plan concerning your future?
  • Do you struggle with a lot of fear?
  • Do you want to take your professional life to the next level?
  • Building better communication and conflict management skills
  • Handling dysfunctional or Diverse teams
  • Managing career transitions or new roles

If you answered YES to all of the above-mentioned questions, Executive coaching is for you.

What are the Benefits of Executive coaching?

Now that you have a concrete vision of who executive coaching is for, you must be confused about the benefits. What sectors of your life does personal executive coaching support?

Let us walk you through them in detail:

  • Working with an executive coach allows you to identify your personal and professional strengths, all the while defining short and long-term goals.
  • Professional executive coaching enables an individual to assess their job readiness and resume development after feeling lost or stuck in a position.
  • An empowered leader through executive coaching can effectively empower their employees and propel the overall organization's growth.
  • Personal executive coaching opens up avenues of clear, open and transparent communication between the team leaders and the employees to enhance overall employee retention.
  • Executive coaching also churns maximum productivity by enabling individuals to tap into their true potential and implement them in the workplace.
  • Working with a certified executive coach also enables you to be a positive role model and encouragement to the individual employees in the company.
  • Executive coaching also clarifies the alignment and maximizing the potential of the employees in an organization.


1. How can you identify the best-certified executive coach?

When choosing the best executive coach in USA, look for the trifecta – experience, certification and credibility. You want to keep your research strong and choose an executive coach with a reputable presence in their professional niche in the market.

2. How long should executive coaching programs last?

The length of an executive coaching program is subjective and completely dependent on the client’s needs. Some leaders find their answers after one or two sessions while a few others need a few recurrent sessions to define their goals and work towards them.

3. Is executive coaching effective?

Availing executive coaching services can proactively transform a leader’s credibility in an organization. It enables them to contribute to personal and organizational development to drive maximum success in the long run.

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