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Irrespective of where you are in your life, everyone needs an unbiased, truthful and constructive life and leadership coach who can tell them things for what they are - with unnecessary sugar coating and unrealistic expectations.

Working with a life and leadership coach allows you to get unstuck from a challenge in either your personal or professional foreground. An experienced and non-judgemental life-leadership coach will positively trigger your creativity and enable you to address your challenges and overcome them in a constructive way.

Coach Dr. Paras, a certified leadership coach and the recipient of the ICF "Young Leader Award'' 2018, spearheads life leadership coaching and mentoring programs by Matrrix and allows you to unfurl your true potential and propel your personal and professional growth with his coaching services.

Dr. Paras and his sessions are spread across a diverse portfolio of services, including:

  • Life coaching
  • Enterprise leadership development
  • Leadership capability building in teams
  • Personal vision and clarity.
  • Relationship compatibility (personal and professional)
  • Social skills development
  • Managing marital conflicts
  • Overcoming familial conflicts
  • Lacking vision about the future
  • Career switch
  • Personal leadership
  • Managing change

Introducing leading change into people's life unearths a person's hidden and underappreciated talent. Life leadership coaching with Dr. Paras streamlines the innovative and adaptive development of a person in their personal and professional life.

Dr. Paras believes in the trifecta of:

  • Subjective coaching
  • Sustainable change
  • Measurable results

Especially for leadership coaching, Dr. Paras focuses on a holistic and targeted approach that enhances leadership qualities to streamline personal and overall team performance.

With the fast-paced personal and professional life, we seldom pay attention to ourselves. Instead of being on a constant loop of "Go! Go! Go!", Life Leadership Coaching addresses the pain points and enhances your quality of life with goal-oriented coaching sessions.

What is Life-Leadership Coaching?

Humans are creative and versatile. Every person is unique because of their capabilities, their talent and their innate creativity. However, not every individual explores or is able to tap into their maximum potential throughout their lifetime.

The barriers could either be personal or external. Personal barriers include lack of self-confidence, self-esteem issues, feeling unworthy, etc. External barriers involve lack of guidance, not getting access to the correct resources, financial constraints, etc.

Life leadership coaching addresses those barriers in life. If you are feeling stuck in a vicious cycle where you are stressed about your mundane career, relationship troubles or familial conflicts, a certified life and leadership coach can address those concerns for you.

If you feel like giving up even before trying, that’s where a life leadership coach comes into play. If you want to take a step towards achieving your dreams, life leadership coach plays an unprecedented role in that.

An experienced life leadership coach enables you to explore your potential and tap into it. They act as a guiding force to push you towards your true calling and enable you to live a life with purpose. Life leadership coaching helps you envision your future and make it a reality.

Who Needs Life Leadership Coaching?

Life leadership coaching services are for everyone. And, when we say everyone, it includes every single person who wants to build their career, live a peaceful life, carve a vision for their dreams or fix their issues with their partner or family.

The impacts of personal leadership coaching are ubiquitous. It enables a person to develop a vision and balance in life. Partnering with a life and leadership coach is an empowering experience wherein you get to restore your power over some of the most trivial and some of the most important parts of your life that you once lost due to self-doubt, and lack of confidence.

You can consider professional leadership coaching if:

  • You are feeling stuck in life with no dreams, vision or aspiration
  • You want to make a career transition to one that’s more fulfilling
  • You want to mend your personal or professional relationships
  • You want to overcome familiar conflicts
  • You want to carve out a vision for your future
  • You want to improve your self-confidence and self-esteem
  • You want to excel in your professional life
  • You want to achieve the goals you have in your life
  • You need guidance to introduce tangible transformations in your life
  • Thinking of having clarity in relationships - Marriage, Divorce, Companionship, Identity crises etc
  • Decision about career switch beat getting into a business, or moving away from Legacy Business, getting on a job etc

Dr Paras, Life-Leadership Coach with years of experience can help you navigate through all of these shortcomings and redefine the lost meaning to your life.

Benefits of Life Leadership Coaching

The true purpose of a certified life leadership coach is to help you identify your strengths, develop them and implement them in life.

You will benefit from life-leadership coaching in several ways. It can contribute to:

  • Positive behavioral changes, including improved self-esteem and confidence
  • Improved creativity and performance
  • Defining short- and long-term goals in personal and professional life
  • Support and improve social skills and promote transparent communication
  • Improve interpersonal skills
  • Improve self-awareness and confidence
  • Identify personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Focused use of the strengths through the correct and practical interventions
  • Improving physical, emotional and sexual compatibility with partner
  • Introduce lost peace and harmony in the family

The list is ongoing and often molds to the needs of the client, their shortcomings and their expectations from the session.

Coach Dr Paras offers lucrative, well-balanced and result-driven leadership coaching packages in USA that you can avail to augment your growth and improvement in the organization.


1. Who do Certified Leadership Coaches Work With?

A certified leadership coach works with individual leaders, employees, or even with team members within an organization.

2. What Can You Talk to A Leadership Coach About?

Leadership coaching is primarily focused around exploring a professional’s true potential, identifying their vision and goals and helping them navigate through the challenges to bring fruition to the goals. So, you can discuss your roadblocks, lack of vision or even your aspirations from your personal and professional life with a leadership coach.

3. Is Leadership Coaching Effective?

Leadership coaching is result-oriented, which suggests that every session you take guides you a step closer towards your goals. You just need to ensure that you work with coaches who have prior experience in this field.

4. What is the Goal of Life and Leadership Coaching?

The primary goal of leadership coaching is to help an individual explore their potential and leverage their innate or unexplored leadership skills to drive productivity and performance in an organization.

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